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BUCS cross country

Cross-country forms a big part of our year for everyone at the club, not just the endurance squad! The Westward League races become our local fixtures as we take large teams across Devon and Cornwall to every event. The outings are some of the most fun of the term as we travel, wear face paint and support each other. These events are open to sprinters, jumpers and throwers too!


For our performance team, we take trips to British Cross Challenge events in Cardiff, Liverpool and across the country to allow athletes to get involved in championship and higher-level racing. We have had huge success in this with athletes gaining regional and national vests. The biggest event in the calendar is BUCS cross-country. we are one of the largest teams at the event boasting up to 90 athletes! BUCS weekend is open to everyone and is the best way to get involved in club life


The BUCS Outdoor Athletics Championship is one of the biggest events on our calendar. It takes place over 3 days in late April/early May in one of the UK's bigger cities. We select our best-performing athletes in each event (assuming a minimum standard has been met) and journey by bus to a team hotel.

Exeter Arena hosts regular open meetings throughout the summer and there are opportunities to compete further away in Yeovil. The club also tries to organise occasional competitions with neighbouring Universities. Athletes of all abilities are encouraged to compete as much as possible.




The BUCS Indoor Athletics Championships is a highlight of our calendar. It takes place in late February/early March at one of the country's few indoor 200m tracks. As with other BUCS competitions,  we select our best-performing athletes in each event (assuming a minimum standard has been met).

There are other opportunities to compete indoors in the winter, but unfortunately, the closest indoor track is in Cardiff. Endurance athletes still get opportunities to race through the winter with the cross-country season, but we try to get creative with our sprinters, hurdlers, jumpers and throwers to give them opportunities to compete.


Below is a sortable database of all UoEAC performances at BUCS championship (Indoors, Outdoors and 10k) since 2010 when Power of 10 results become comprehensive. We will add older results if we ever find them! The University of Exeter was founded in 1851, and there have been some incredible athletes study at the Uni. It's almost impossible to put together an accurate list of club records. The database below is the next best thing.

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